Again Ache Treatment and Reduction – With out Drugs Or Surgery

The Basics

Cold then Hot

Cold treatment should be used first. As it relates to acute back pain or sprain, cold therapy is found favorable for reducing the onset inflammation that could happen.

One technique is to use ice wrapped in a cloth to the back pain area for 15-20 minutes and do so every three to four hours.

Typically, in four or five days you can switch from cold to heat therapy.

Heat treatment should not be applied to an infected region.

Applying warmth to your back can speed up the healing process and assist the muscles relax by increasing the blood flow. Plus, for many, it seems great and can take your thoughts off some back pain. Wet heat is the most effective as it can penetrate better than dry heat. The most frequent kinds of heat are a hot shower or bath, heating pads, or simply a hot water bottle.

I suggest that you just use the heat 20 minutes at a time and that you wait an hour before applying again.

However, don’t overdo it, as possible lead to muscle strain.


To increase mobility and loosen up those tight muscles, stretching exercises can be a big advantage. To increase the space between the vertebrae and also relieve pain which can be caused by compressed spinal nerves, lower back stretches might be positive pain reducer.


Since muscles are the spine’s friend against the law of gravity, it is extremely important to keep to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles to protect your spine. Back female Chiropractor , abdominal exercises, and yes, buttocks exercises can help to reduce and eliminate back pain.

The following are a few of the back pain treatments utilized in my New Braunfels Chiropractic office to assist patients using their back pain relief.

There are lots of studies that have should very positive results in the reduction of back pain using acupuncture. When there are lots of techniques to use this technique, the most common is the use of inserting very fine needles into specific points on your system with the urge to trigger the body to produce its own pain-relief substances.

The treatment of manipulating the backbone assist in recovery of a normal assortment of movement in the spinal joints as well as reducing the stress in the surrounding soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. All with the objective of providing relief from back pain.

Massage treatment

There are lots of benefits to massage therapy other than simply being fun. An expert massage can help increase your blood circulation, flush unwanted waste, speed up recovery, and allow you to unwind

Nutritional supplements

When appropriate, supplements are used that appear to be effective in relieving pain and improving body functioning.

I hope this overview of has been useful for you to know a few of the basics to getting relief from you back pain. Here in our Chiropractic office in New Braunfels Texas we pride ourselves in providing the kindest and most effective care possible.

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