Exactly what are the Best Tips and Techniques For Goal Setting?

Remember in grade school when you’d learn about historical events on a timeline? Create your own’ life time line’ with your goals!

Thus, to start, you will need a pen or perhaps pencil and some paper. Draw a line, any way you want. Your line can be spiraled, curvy, straight, slanted, -draw whatever suits you.

Now, at one end of your life time line will be once you were born, and one other is going to be where your life ends. Start at the beginning, if you were born.

Over the course of the life of yours, things happened. Some of the things that happened stood out to you and shifted the way your life went. Some big things happened, whether they were great accomplishments, or possibly a change in careers, fill in the fundamental things that happened in your life that you think shifted your life in a way. Fill in all those events up until the present time.

Now you have all this time left. What would you want to have happen between now and the end of your life? Whatever the big goals of yours are, think about if you want those to happen and fill in the rest of the life time line of yours. The life time line of yours is now complete and you can frame or perhaps post it where you are able to see it very often. It will serve as a reminder and motivator to you, helping you to achieve your life goals.

Now, you can create a year goal planner to post on the wall near the life time line of yours. Make a long box (you might need a bigger piece of paper, some poster board, or perhaps many pieces of paper taped together). The package is an additional long rectangle containing a box for each and every month of the year. Inside each month for the next year, write in your goal(s) for that month. Now you have the month calendar of yours!

At the beginning of each week, write down your goals for the week. Keep that posted in your goal place by the daily life of yours and year goals.

Every night, write out the goals of yours for the following day. Post them also exactly where all the rest of your objectives are. This might be a special wall, bulletin board, or space in the room of yours (maybe even a mirror).

Many people tell tell others about your goals, so someone can help you be accountable. Me personally, I reach my goals better when I use the aforementioned techniques, and do not tell anybody except perhaps a close friend. You’ve to determine the things that work best for you and go with it.

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I wish you much success in achieving the goals of yours!

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